Video on Demand

Create the new standard for on-demand content

Video on demand services are the latest trend in the video industry. On Demand services enable your users to easily access their choice of content at times which are most convenient to them. Our platform supports several VOD business models which enables implementation of various monetization models like T-VOD, S-VOD, A-VOD and even push VOD.

  • Video on demand

Start today by offering premium content such as Hollywood blockbusters and record-breaking TV series and raise the average revenue per customer. Create extensive video on demand catalogs of movies, TV series and other genres of television content. Our platform enables billing, catalog management and encoding in all preferred formats.


Scale and reach

Aggregate various catalogs for maximum reach and monetisation.

Create new business models

Integrate 3rd party VOD services to enable new business models and move from minimum guarantee to revenue-share models.

Cross Catalog Recommendations

Search across all catalogs within a single search or search a specific catalog.

Facts & figures

Store credit and payment

Wide range of built-in interfaces for all the popular payment services to enable payments from your curstomers.

Business models

Support for the most popular Video-on-Demand business models to support implementation of various methods of monetization: S-VOD, T-VOD and even A-VOD.


Enable easy access to on-demand content using the widely supported HbbTV standard.

DRM support

DRM compliant with studios and content owners requirements.

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Orange HDMI stick

A perfect example of the next generation of video delivery with innovative solutions like the Orange HDMI TV stick
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