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Secure your content

Choosing the right level of content protection should be an essential factor in your content distribution strategy. Protection of content distribution and consumption, across multiple devices, is a major challenge. With the growing number of devices and users accessing premium content there is need for a scalable and flexible DRM solution. Stream Group’s hosted DRM solution –utilizing advanced DRM technology – can be implemented quickly and will scale to match the growth in your business.

  • Content protection

With a hosted DRM solution in place, operators and content owners can safely offer OTT and VOD services. Our hosted DRM provides support for multiple business models including purchase, rental and subscription. It includes multiple distribution options and is optimized for the new generation of connected devices.


Proven technology

Based on standard and widely accepted DRM schemes.


Compliant with studios and content owners requirements.


A simple licensing model that provides on-demand elasticity, enables you to implement a cost effective DRM solution.

Facts & figures

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Developed to run on a specific OS platforms with the usage of native OS APIs.

Multiple DRM integration

Integrate multiple market leading DRM providers: Microsoft PlayReady, Verimatrix, Widevine, Adobe and others.

Supported Media Formats

Support for all major codecs, containers and profiles like  Smooth Streaming and HLS.

Multi platform support

Support for PC, set top box, Android, iOS and Windows Mobile.

We have implemented Content protection for IPTV

We already offer fast internet and cheap calling services. With our new interactive television service our All-in-One offer is complete
Björn Jeurissen, Country Manager The Netherlands, M7 Group S.A.
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