IPTV deploys All-in-One proposition with Stream Group’s IPTV solution

Dutch ISP selected Stream Group to develop a new service created to offer Live TV, Multiscreen, OTT and VOD services to online viewers on xDSL and FttH networks throughout the Netherlands. has built a reputation over the years as an affordable internet and telephony provider. As made the transition to on-demand delivery, it added highly-competitive, interactive services that enable customers to determine how, when and where they enjoy their entertainment.


Higher customer satisfaction at an affordable price

online-ipad-iphoneDelivering interactive video services over IP has become essential for operators and ISPs to stay at the top of their class. The multi-screen home is now commonplace, with many households owning multiple devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops. customers can record their favorite programmes in the cloud and watch them at any time and on any screen (smartphone , tablet or PC ) in the Netherlands. Even on their mobile devices via 3G or 4G outdoors. The chosen solution enables the management and multi-bitrate delivery of protected live and on-demand TV and video content across all these different devices.

Stream Group had to overcome a variety of challenges simultaneously in this project, for instace a rapid time-to-market was absolutely critical since operates under highly competive circumstances in the Dutch broadband market. In the end Stream Group and launched the new IPTV platform only within four months. The service was successfully rolled out in The Netherland from May 2014.

Project highlights

Lightning fast time-to-market

Aggressive four month time to market using Stream Group’s turnkey end-to-end solution.

Variety of Video on Demand business models

Full range of SVOD, TVOD, pre-paid and freemium with more than 2000+ hours of content.


Management of households with multiple users, each with their own profile.

Multiple DRM integration

Integration of multiple market leading DRM providers Microsoft PlayReady and Verimatrix VCAS to secure delivery of protected live and on-demand content.

online-tv-ondemandGreat result

At the beginning of 2014 M7 Group acquired the brand By joining forces, can now really stand out with interactive television. M7 Group’s large experience of television services in combination with the internet experience of led to the new all-in-one proposition, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and uptake over the last year.

We already offer fast internet and cheap calling services. With our new interactive television service our All-in-One offer is complete
Björn Jeurissen, Country Manager The Netherlands, M7 Group S.A.

Download the full case study for more in-depth information about this project.