Time-Shifted TV

Breakthrough performance for on demand services

Consumer demand for entertainment is increasingly shifting from linear to VOD. Bring the best of both worlds together by combining the benefits of Linear TV and VOD within our storage services. Stream Group provides an integrated solution for media storage, processing and delivery applications such as network PVR (nPVR) and VOD expansion such as Replay and Restart TV.

  • Replay TV / TV to GO
  • nPVR
  • Restart TV

Build a catalogue of all available TV content with our Replay TV service. Categorize the catalogue using our extensive back office tools to make it searchable and ensure optimum usability for the end consumer. The associated service ‘TV to Go’ makes favourite content available in offline mode by using personal profiling. Reduce data costs and increase end consumer convenience.


User profiling

Provide relevant recommendations and favourite content based on individual usage profiles.


Shared storage system allows content to be stored 24/7 for on demand purposes.

Ad insertion

Dynamic ad insertion capabilities for monetizing non-linear content.

Cloud based nPVR enables operators to offer a PVR service without the need to provide expensive set top boxes in customers’ homes. By locating storage and streaming at a central location, operators can offer a full nPVR service without the need to upgrade consumer premises equipment.


Minimise expense

Benefit from cost effective,  centralized storage combined with reduced set top box (STB) costs.

Utilize unlimited storage space

Complete flexibility, use as much or as little space as is needed and when you need it.

Shared copy

Continuous recording for replay, restart and nPVR service offerings with only a single copy.

Restart TV allows viewers to restart live broadcastings which are currently airing with just one press of a button. Improve user experience and invest in customer satisfaction with supporting services such as Restart TV.



Easy-to-use features help to reduce churn.


Create more enhancing viewer experiences at low costs.

High manageability

Determine per channel which services to use.

Facts & figures

Multiple geographic locations

Our network currently includes servers in 5+ different geographical locations.

Future proof

By 2017, 90% of global internet traffic will be video and VOD traffic.

CDN Support

Our platform works with all major CDN providers, including Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, and Microsoft Azure.

Server Monitoring

NOC offers 24/7 monitoring and rapid response for customers using our cloud based storage services.

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We have implemented Time-shifted TV solutions for

Vodafone Turkey OTT

We bring innovation to an emerging mobile market with more than just a straightforward multi-screen service.
Harold van Stipdonk, Business developer Stream Group
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