Orange HDMI stick

Innovative mobile TV proposition for Orange

Orange’s new platform provides European consumers with a rich set of video services including Live TV, Catch-Up TV, VOD portal and access to premium OTT video services, on an HDMI stick. Inspired by the growing popularity of HDMI dongles, Orange selected Stream Group to develop their latest solution for mobile TV viewers.

Our solution

orange-androidThe introduction of the Orange TV Stick is a milestone in Orange’s convergent strategy, as it will create a seamless experience between broadband and mobile services. This HDMI dongle connects to any screen with an HDMI port and allows the user to send multimedia content from their smartphone or the tablet to the TV set. With the help of the applications Orange TV Go and Orange TV stick -which have been built and integrated by Stream Group- the smartphone or tablet becomes a remote and the mobile content appears directly on the TV screen.

The Orange TV Stick will be launched first in Romania, in advance of offering the TV Stick for sale to customers in other regions such as Orange its home country of France. Introducing the Orange TV Stick could also be an entry point for non-Orange customers to move to other Orange services as well.

Project highlights

New delivery model

Using the Orange HDMI TV stick opens a new world of possibilities and business models.

TV everywhere

Live TV channels enriched with meta data and full EPG support for any screen with HDMI.

Unified video delivery

Enables unified video delivery across multiple networks like 3G/4G+, LTE Broadcast and WiFi hotspots.

Cross-platform viewing

Consistent experience across all devices and operating systems.

orange-iphoneHeating up the OTT competition

Orange, a popular operator with 244 million subscribers in 30 countries across the globe, has introduced the Orange TV Stick to compete with Google Chromecast and populair OTT video services like Netflix. As a main developer of this solution, Stream Group is able to show the market its ability to launch innovative solutions for tier one mobile operators.

A perfect example of the next generation of video delivery with innovative solutions like the Orange HDMI TV stick
Sander Bakker, VP Sales, Stream Group