We love to make our clients proud

We are proud to showcase the work we do with our customers as case studies. Over the past couple of years we have worked hard to create a company that provides exceptional solutions for any IPTV and video related challenge. IPTV

Dutch ISP selected Stream Group to develop a new service created to offer Live TV, Multiscreen, OTT and VOD services to online viewers on xDSL and FttH networks throughout the Netherlands.

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Vodafone Turkey OTT

Stream Group launched a comprehensive OTT Multiscreen service for Vodafone Turkey’s mobile subscribers. With a base of more than 19.3 million mobile customers in Turkey, Vodafone delivers OTT video services to a tremendous amount of mobile devices.

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Orange HDMI stick

Orange’s new platform provides European consumers with a rich set of video services including Live TV, Catch-Up TV, VOD portal and access to premium OTT video services, on an HDMI stick. Inspired by growing popularity of HDMI dongles, Orange selected Stream Group to develop their latest solution for mobile TV viewers.

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Vision Asia

Vision Asia is a premier pay television service provider addressing the cultural and entertainment needs of people of South Asian background living in Australia and New Zealand. Vision Asia is committed to bringing the best in television viewing by partnering with premium content and technology providers in the region.

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