Stream Group joins TV Connect MENA

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Exhibiting at TV Connect MENA for the first time this year, Stream Group brought with them their new Solocoo OTT TV platform, which sales manager Bas Elvé told Digital Broadcast Middle East was particularly suited to this region due to the rampant growth in OTT video content consumption.

“StreamGroup is always looking for new markets to explore and the Middle East is interesting because there is also a larger proportion of smaller operators than in Europe, our home market,” said Elvé. “Our Solocoo platform, because it’s a turn-key product, is better suited to these companies.”

Describing the response of the local market to Solocoo as “enthusiastic”, Elvé added that the dual strengths of the Soloccoo platform in terms of software would set it apart in the Middle East broadcast sector.

“This product is unique primarily due to the strong front end and backend. Most platforms excel in terms of one or the other. Secondly, it is cloud-based, so clients can benefit from the future development of the product,” says Elvé. As an example, he told Digital Broadcast Middle East that upgrades made to the software for a client would become available to all other clients as well.

While the Solocoo platform is new to the Middle East market, it has already established itself in StreamGroup’s home market in the Nertherlands, with one of the largest internet providers using the platform to branch out into OTT video delivery. “They launched their new OTT and Triple-Play proposition in May with our platform and gained many new customers,” says Elvé.