Stream Group platform as white label offer

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As you can imagine, Stream Group is constantly looking to broaden its horizon in order to reach a certain audience or a larger market. In our market approach we focus on operators and ISPs who wish to expand their product offering with additional services in the market or are looking for a replacement of their present set up.
Events and tradeshows are off course the ideal place to meet customers and partners to learn about new projects and opportunities. Being a cost effective organisation, Stream Group is always looking for alternative ways to cover a larger reach of the market.

The Stream Group Platform has been set up to be offered as a white label solution. Our Partner Program offers partners of Stream Group the possibility to define and sell their own branded solution based on the Stream Group Platform or parts of that.
We have build our platform and extended the set of functions and features over the last decade, which allows us to offer up-to-date and compelling product sets to third parties.

Recently we partnered with a middleware provider for set top box solutions. Although they excel in efficiency, time to market and a very cost effective solution, the STB is just a part of the puzzle. The interaction with potential customers mostly pivots around the technical integration regarding the DVB (tuner), network and applications.

They offer our platform as a white label solution, which allows them to offer a complete solution in hybrid or OTT projects with the following advantages:

  • Ability to offer a complete solution
  • Approach customers with a different message
  • Discuss with other than the usual technical divisions like Marketing
  • Availability of Stream Group resources and expertise
  • No development cost
  • Quick and easy to brand
  • Focus on own business competency
  • Minimize time-to-market
  • Additional revenue streams

The white label solution provide the tools for your business’s unique branding to offer services without investing in infrastructure or technology while simplifying the path for conversion with less cost and a predictable success.