Developer Web API “OTT Delivery Applications”

H-Stream is a M7 Group Canal+ Luxemburg company.
Offices are in Roermond and Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.
Since 2015 H-Stream (Stream Group) is part of the M7 Group / Canal+ Luxemburg.
H-Stream has today approximately 60+ people working in the field of OTT streaming services.
At H-Stream we currently service more than 15 brands with interactive TV Services on various platforms (Mobile/Web/Smart TV’s/STB’s).

M7 Group-Canal+ Luxemburg:

Short Intro Canal+ Luxemburg; this company gives more than 2 million households in 8 countries TV services over:

  • Satellite / Terrestrial
  • OTT-internet

Brands for Canal+ Luxemburg:

  • Canal Digitaal; Dutch market
  • Skylink; Czech and Slovak market
  • Direct One; Hungary market
  • Focus Sat; Romania market
  • HD Austria; Austrian market
  • TV VLAANDEREN; Belgium Vlaanderen market
  • TELESAT; Belgium Wallonia market

All these brands offer today:

  • 1.000+ channels TV
  • 500+ channels start over TV
  • 500+ channels Replay TV (catch-up)
  • 50+ VoD services
  • ”Own Canal series” produce via the Canal+ Studios own Series.

Canal+ Luxemburg is part of Canal+ International who service more than 20 million households with TV worldwide.

Back to H-Stream:

H-Stream builds and delivers end-to-end interactive TV services on Application platforms from:

  • Samsung Smart TV’s
  • LG Smart TV’s
  • Sony / Philips Android TV’s
  • AndroidTV stb like Xiaomi, NvidiaShield, Strong etc
  • Apple Store (Mobile, Tablet and Apple TV)
  • Google Play Store (Mobile, Tablet and Google TV, AndroidTV)
  • Website with complete TV player

The clients mentioned above are provided with information and functionalities via a centralized back-end system (Service Delivery Platform / SDP). Our back-end system handles:

  • Meta data ingest for EPG (Program data) VoD (video on demand data)
  • SSO and Authentication services
  • Manages Offers and Products
  • Delivery of Search results to customers
  • Delivery of Recommendations to customers; AI Engine
  • Platform web management
  • Revive campaign management
  • CMS systems for content presentation
    • Homepage
    • Nav assets

Our applications are connected with Google Suite:

  • Firebase
  • Crashlytics
  • Analytics

All the content which is delivered over the internet is delivered via the H-Streaming platform. The streaming platform is located in more than 4 datacenters in Europe like Global Switch in Haarlem, CE-Colo in Prague, T-Mobile in Budapest etc. On daily basis more than hundreds of peak traffic is generated by customers streaming services to their pc’s, smart tv and mobile devices.

The Streaming Platform is called Content Delivery Platform (CDP) and consist of:

  • Ingest services of Live content and Video On Demand content
    • Satellite headend
    • IP headend
  • Transcoding services
    • The transcoding services make streaming various streams and streaming types for devices like Apple, Google and Smart TV’s (HLS, Dash and Smooth streaming possible.
  • Origin services
    • Packaging content with DRM (protection)
    • Recording services for ReplayTV / Catchup and cloud PVR (recordings)
  • Streaming services
    • Sent content from local proxies to customers
    • CDN content distribution network
      • Haarlem (EU)
      • Prague (CZ and SK)
      • Boedapest (HU)
      • Boekarest (RO)

The CDP streaming platform has its own CDN (Content Distribution network) managed by H-stream operators. All these CDN’s are interconnected to the head-end in the central DC Haarlem.

Monitoring and Reporting:

The platform and APPS are connected so that every action during streaming is measured QoE.
Re-buffering stalls, start time, exit before start, bitrate are all monitored with TV QoS an “in-house build” platform. Additionally tools from 3rd party companies like BitMovin are being used for Analytics.

The reporting of the usage of the platform and TV QoS data is done in Tableau.

The organisation H-Stream:

H-Stream consists of different teams which agile work together with each team and the customer teams.

Teams in H-Steam:

  • Operation
    • Service desk
    • Engineering; SDP and CDP
    • Reporting/analysing
  • ILM (in-life management)
    • supports customers with daily operation and new feature request
    • TV Vendor smartTV support
    • Google suite support
  • Development & Quality Assurance
    • Product owner SDP (backend)
    • Product owner SmartTV and Settopbox
    • Product owner TVE
      • Apple, Android, Web

Tooling in H-Stream:

  • Atlassian
    • Jira Service desk
    • Confluence
    • Jira Development
  • Google Suite
    • crashlytics
  • TVQoS
    • monitoring QoE
  • SA Portal
  • Revive

What are we looking for:


Web API developer “OTT Delivery Applications”
We are searching for someone who is recognizing himself in the following topics:

  • Work in small agile teams
  • Cooperate with other teams (network, operations, project)
  • Deliver high-throughput deployments (millions of API requests per day)
  • Design, build and maintain REST API’s
  • Understand and apply network and web protocols in an efficient and secure manner

Toolbox samples

  • Ngnix, Redis, Influx DB, MySQL
  • js, Lua
  • Linux, Docker
  • GitHub

Skills & Education:

  • HBO
  • Proactive; agile; flexible
  • Self-learning ability
  • Analytic

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary
  • 40-hour work week
  • Opportunity to work from home
  • 24 vacation days
  • Pension scheme without personal contribution
  • Additional insurance for disability
  • Bonus scheme
  • Laptop and mobile phone subscription
  • 50% reduction on subscription All-in-1 package Canal Digitaal-Online